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Open the settings or the router

When setting up a connection to any network or providers, you need to configure the router.  Or, additional modem configuration is required. First, without sensible settings, there will be no Internet. Fifth, the router itself is connected to the modem, which distributes the Internet to the Router Network Administrator. Sign in to Login

Well, in the end, configure parental control, access time or network equipment to the Internet, etc. All this requires entry into the settings of the router.

To enter the settings of the router you need to know a few things:

  1. IP address of the device;
  2. Password and login to enter the parameters of network equipment.

IP address - is the identification address of the device and is unique.  Thanks to this organization, you can go in remotely to configure the device's parameters.

To find the IP address of the router or modem, you will need to take the appropriate steps or one of the options.

Determine the IP Address

  1. Label: Tritely expand the router to your side with the label.  There are all the characteristics of the device.
  2. For example, the IP address is specified:

There is another option, like a box from the device itself, it can also contain an IP address, but among all the information you need to find the necessary information.


According to the instructions of Login Page

In the instructions you can see more.  The instruction can be both in the form of a booklet and a file on disk to the device.  You can also use the official website or the Sign in manufacturer of the router and download from there.  On the first pages of the instruction you can find the necessary information.

Windows xp

Note that this option will be useful in the case of DHCP enabled on the router.  This login option will be useful for those who have Windows and earlier generations.  So, we proceed along this path: Start, then the Control Panel.  Enter Network Connections.  Click on Local Area Connection Sign in.  Enter the Support category.  Revenue, the router address or interest is indicated near the IP address.

Windows 7-10

It's necessary to get into the Control Panel through Start, then enter the Network and the Internet, finally open the Network and Sharing Center.  Select on the right the category Change adapter settings, open the network channel that is active.

By the way, such pings and check the connection of the modem with the provider via Wi-Fi, 3g.  Starting the command prompt in Windows 8 and newer operating systems is possible in a different way.  Just right-click on the Windows icon in place of the Start button and select Command Prompt (administrator Sign in).  This means that the string will be run as administrator of the computer.

IP address table

Different manufacturers have a set of classic IP addresses for network equipment.  It is possible that the old model of the router with Wi-Fi does not support access to the settings via WiFi, then in this case you need to connect with a cable.  Below is a summary table for identifying a router, modem, router.  This method eliminates the above options and the question itself: "How to enter the settings of the router by IP address?".

The following steps are similar to those discussed above.  Only correspondingly need to click, but the wireless connection icon.

Possible problems

The DHCP protocol is disabled in the router.  Then you will have to specify the IP address of the device from which you configure the router or router.  Network connections open again, but now right-click on the desired network connection and select - Properties.  The required network connection will be with blue monitors on the icon.  In the window that opens, go to the Internet Protocol (TCP / IPv4), this is from the installed Windows 7-10.  If Windows XP or older, you should choose - Internet Protocol (TCP / IP).

Select the appropriate item in Windows, click on the Properties button from the bottom.  The switch is transferred to the lower position.  Indicate the IP address of your device and opposite the category Main Gateway enter the address from the table above corresponding to the manufacturer Login Panel of your network device.

To the account IP address, it must be specified completely the same as the IP address of the router, but with a difference in the last digit.  Suppose your router IP Address has an address of Logging In therefore, the IP address for the device connected ends with 192.168.l.l Login.

You must enter the subnet mask from the following combination of numbers  If you change the network adapter settings, reboot the device (computer, laptop, etc.) Otherwise, there will still be problems with its identification in the network.

There may be problems with the configuration via the WiFi router IP.  If a device is denied entry from a specific IP address or the router's parameters specify the MAC address or a Login Panel specific device, you will not be able to enter the settings of the router Address.  The MAC address is an identifier for a network controller regardless of whether the cable controller or WiFi.  Each device has a unique MAC address.

The router has already changed the factory login settings, the IP address and, accordingly, the login and password have been changed.  Enter the settings of the router or modem with the base password and login is no longer available.

With this option, you can return the router Login to the factory settings.  Simply reset the user settings.

All routers have a back or bottom Reset button.  It is hidden in the depths of the device and outside it only gives a round hole.  A hole surrounded by a red circle is possible.  The modem, as well as other network devices, also has this button.

To press it, use a paste from a fountain pen, a sharp pencil or, best of all, a paper clip.  Hold down the Reset for 10-15 seconds, when the LEDs of the router no longer glow or, at the same time, they blink, this will mean Login Panel that the router has gone to reboot the factory configuration parameters and, accordingly, firmware .  All settings, including Wi-Fi will be reset, which means that the wireless network will be open again.

You will also have to update the device Login Panel firmware to the new one again.  This is useful because new features may appear (support for new 3G modems, automatic switching to a backup provider, possible minor flaws in the previous firmware version, etc.).

Password table

Regardless of how the computer Login or laptop is connected to the network, there is no difference in the next steps to enter the settings.  To configure a router (modem), you need to enter its IP address in the browser.  Enter the address in the same line as the site address.  Then you need to enter the password login or the router.  This information on the input is available in the instructions or on the label of the router (modem).

How to enter the settings of the router?

A router (also known as a router) is, according to Wikipedia, a specialized network computer that has at least one network interface and forwards data packets between different network segments, connecting heterogeneous networks of different architectures, making forwarding decisions based on network topology information and certain rules specified by the administrator Login.  In a simpler language, we usually use Login as a router to create a network between computers, as well as enable them to go online.  True, this is mostly for offices.  At home, the router connects to one computer and actually works as a Wi-Fi Internet distribution device.

In order to properly configure the router, you must use its interface.  Many users do not even know how to get into this very interface.  That's what I want to talk about today.  By the way, this issue was actively discussed on the pages of the site, but I decided to put it in a separate article.  So to speak, for convenience.

For my example, I will use the D-Link Dir-300 router - this is one of the most common models on the market, so I decided to write an article around this device.  But in fact, it is not so important which company is your router, be it TP Link, ASUS, Zyxel, Upvel or any other.  All of them work on the same algorithm, which means the differences in the procedure that I describe will be minimal (if any).

Instructions for use

The first thing you need to turn on the device in the outlet.  Then on its back wall we find the panel for connecting the wires.

We take the supplied cable (usually it is blue) and insert it into the network card on your computer or laptop, and the other into one of the LAN ports on the router (not Ethernet!).  Now on the device itself, in addition to the POWER LED, the LED labeled LAN should light up.  It is possible that your LEDs are not indicated, it is not so important. The main thing is that we have just established a physical connection between the computer and the Login.

Now, on the computer itself, open your favorite browser.  It does not matter what it will be for the browser: Mozilla, just Google Chrome.  at least Opera.  In the address bar, you must enter the ip address or the router.  You can find it on a label on the router itself (it is usually located on its bottom panel).  For example, the address may be Log in or

If for some reason you can't find this sticker, it doesn't matter - use the command line.  Click on the "Start" button, in the "Find programs and files" line write the word cmd (without quotes) and press Enter.  A command prompt opens.  Type ipconfig and press Enter.  You will see various options.  Among them it is necessary to find the "Primary Gateway", opposite which IP address you need will be located.

So, we figured out the ip.  Enter it in his address bar in the browser and press the Enter key.  You will see a window where you will need to enter your username and password.  If you see nothing, for example, Router Settings, an empty page opens, it means that you entered the wrong IP address. Login  Look at it in the way I described a little higher (using the command line).  If you can't do this, you can use another method.  Go to the control panel, select "Network and Sharing Center".  After the page opens, in its left part you will see an unremarkable link “Adapter Parameters Changes” - click on it. Then select your connection, click on the right mouse button and click on the "Status" item. Displays network status information.

There are hardly any problems with the credentials login, since it is usually the same for everyone - admin Login.  But with a password you can suffer.  The fact is that if it was changed by someone, you can only get into the settings of the router or completely reset the settings.  or with the help of the person who changed the settings and, accordingly, changed the password.

If the password has not changed Login ID, then you can find it on your router - exactly where it is located and the IP address to enter the panel itself.  To be honest, the combinations are usually extremely simple:

  • Login: admin, password: 1234.
  • Login: admin, password: admin.

    Try one of the combinations, perhaps it will suit you.  If the data is correct, you can be in the panel or the router and change the settings at will.

    How to set up a Wi-Fi router (go to settings) without internet

    Whether it is necessary to see questions like: "how to enter the settings of the router if there is no internet connection", or "how to configure the router without the Internet".  In this small article, I will try to answer these questions in detail.  Let us figure out what to do if there is no connection to the Internet, and because of this it is impossible to enter the settings of the router, well, and configure it.

    If you're interested, I advise you to immediately read what a router is.  In short and simple, this is a device that combines different devices that are connected via Wi-Fi and cable into one network, with Internet access (if connected).  We connect the Internet to the router, and it distributes it to many devices.  If it wasn't for the router configuration, at home User Login we could only connect one device to the Internet.  True, depending on the method of connection.

    A configure router is a stand-alone device.  It can work without connecting to a computer, and without connecting to the Internet.  And most importantly, to enter the settings of the router, you do not need an internet connection . Indeed, in most cases, we go into the web interface or the router in order to configure it to connect to the provider. Therefore, when you first Login Page connect to the configured router (before setting). Internet access Sign in or course may not be, but we can go into the settings.     

    Login to the router and configure the router without an internet connection

    Most likely, you have exactly the problem of entering the settings or the configure router.  Since if you have already entered the control panel, you can configure Log in it without any problems.  I can say with confidence that the lack of Internet on a computer can in no way prevent access to the settings page.  After all, we go to the IP address or configure your router, and the computer (or other device) is directly connected to the router via cable, or via a Wi-Fi network.

    Therefore, we connect to the router, look at the device itself, the address at which you can go to the web interface ( Log in exactly should come up).  enter this address in any browser, Admin Login Page and go on it.  Most likely the login page will appear. Enter the user name and password (factory also listed on the device itself).  and get into the settings.

    Moreover, it does not matter at all what company you have a router: TP-LINK, ASUS, D-LINK, ZyXEL, etc.

    If you are the Internet and the computer is connected to the router, and you are concerned about the lack of an Internet connection, then most likely it should be Log in so.  Because, you need to go to the router's control panel, and set up a connection to the provider Router Login Page  there.  I already wrote about this in the article: when setting up a router, it writes "Without Internet access", or "Limited" and there is no connection to the Internet.

    This is normal.  The Internet can earn immediately if the router is already configured, or your Internet provider uses the Dynamic IP connection technology.  In all other cases, you have Login Page to customize.  You can see the instructions for your router on our website.  Use the site search.

    In order to enter the settings of the router, you do not need to connect to the Internet.  In most cases, we go to the control panel to configure the Internet.  You can never connect the Internet to the router.  Then all devices will simply Log in to be located on the local network without going online.